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Investment Strategist Communicator


Economist and investment strategist Clare Zempel makes it his business to communicate and communicate well. Whether speaking in the boardroom, from the podium or in a workshop, he conveys relevant, actionable information with directness and candor.

Clare Zempel honed his nimble approach to a dynamic analysis of complex economic and financial issues as an economist and investment strategist for major national firms. Clare continues to use that same exceptional mix of skill and insight to consult with financial institutions, corporations and private investors. He combines innovative research and seasoned common sense into advice and recommendations his clients use to shape and implement policies. Clare looks past the headlines to the facts and puts consensus views to the test. He asks and answers the questions that matter most for business and investment success.

Presenting to a live audience — either broad or specialized — Clare Zempel translates his agile thinking to observations that are provocative, enlightening and useful. He strives to engage all his listeners in the topic at hand. He gets them thinking, challenges their assumptions and places economic issues in a real-world context. At ease on the stage, Clare is personable and down-to-earth. He infuses his remarks with humor that keeps things lively and in perspective.



Personalized delivery creates a one-to-one connection with the audience; Clare speaks to the individuals in every group, making his presentations accessible to all.


Delivers factual commentary in a direct, no-nonsense style; from in-depth explanations to summarizing key conclusions, Clare focuses on actionable information when discussing market prospects, investment strategies, best business practices and other topics.


Zempel presentations adapt easily to fit format, time slot and setting; for keynotes or workshops, long or short, Clare delivers an original speech suitable to each situation.


Avoids extraordinary and self-serving predictions intended merely to shock or raise the temperature in the room; offers, rather, a passionate but reasoned counterpoint to often wrong and sometimes dangerous media “hype.”


Honors audience interests, viewpoints and expertise in both content and delivery; challenges audience assumptions without hesitation when appropriate.                    


Anticipates audience interests by actively researching what each group wants to know; delivers focused, exclusive views that are relevant, topical and useful.

Dry wit to fit he right measure to connect with the audience and help them connect with the topic. Think Dennis Miller or Steven Wright…with charts!

Presentation Topics

Clare Zempel brings the unique dual perspective of an economist and an investment strategist to each presentation. His talks are timely and attuned to audience interests.

Economic and Investment Topics

Economic and Market Outlook

Observations on economic and market conditions with a view to future prospects. Examinations of economic trends and Federal Reserve policies critical to stock and bond markets. Careful attention to cyclical risks and opportunities. Defines asset allocation implications clearly. Tips on important indicators that minimize risk and enhance returns. Topical and updated to remain fresh and relevant.

Financial Market Prospects

A timely look at short- and long-run financial market prospects. Covers investment risks and opportunities in detail. In-depth exploration of asset allocation implications. Addresses economic and other trends critical to investment performance. Customized as needed for specific investment interests.

Economic Prospects

Focused look at short- and long-run economic prospects. Covers cyclical economic risks and opportunities in detail. In-depth exploration of implications for major economic sectors—consumer spending, housing, business investment, international trade and the government. Assesses economic issues and other trends critical to business success. Customized as needed for specific industries and companies.

International Trends

Spotlights economic trends with international impact. Examines markets in important developed and developing countries around the globe. Includes asset allocation implications for U.S. investors. Customized as needed to focus on specific nations and regions.

Economic Issues and Implications

Perspectives on major secular issues and their potential impact on economic and investment performance over the next decade and more. Covers major issues selected in consultation with event planners. Typical issues include the trade deficit, foreign competition, protectionism, the federal budget deficit, tax policies, social security solvency, pension funding, health care costs, Medicare funding, energy prices, real wage trends, demographic trends, long-run investment returns and terrorism. Focuses on understanding the issues, their potential resolution and the implications for the financial markets. Can include brief comments on short-run economic and market prospects. Updated regularly to remain topical and relevant.


Best Practices and Business-Building Topics

Clients for the Long Run

How do you find and keep clients for the long run? The answer lies in educating and communicating with clients. Outlines what informed investors need to know about economic and market interactions. Reveals the most important asset allocation principles. Pinpoints the most treacherous behavioral pitfalls clients and advisers should avoid. Identifies and explains the most critical economic and market indicators. Shows how financial advisors can use this information to improve client satisfaction and success.

Financial Advisors for the Long Run

How can stressed-out financial advisors become happier and more productive? The short answer: Know what matters most for investment success. Discusses strategies for coping with information overload. Identifies which economic and market indicators are the most critical for investment success. Shows how advisors can use basic asset allocation tools to build and improve client relationships. Explains how behavioral insights can help financial advisers become more effective for their clients and themselves.


Other Sample Topics

• 13 Numbers, 5 Ratios, 2 Spreads

     Asset allocation tools simplified.

• How to Be Your Own Economist

     Tools and tricks for anticipating economic trends.

• How to Be Your Own Investment Strategist

     Tools and tricks for identifying market risks and opportunities.

• Advising Cousin Janet

     How an economist learned to help financial advisors help clients.


Zempel Appearances

Clare Zempel regularly makes presentations for the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and the Executive Education Series at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has been on the roster for the Government Finance Officers Association, the American Trucking Association, the American Bankers Association, Pegasus TransTech, Berbee Information Networks, the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans, Canon U.S.A., McLeod Software and other groups.