Zempel Strategic
Applied Economics and Financial Market Analysis

Zempel Strategic

Applied Economics and Financial Market Analysis


Rise above the noise.
Profit from fact-based analysis.
Answer the questions that matter.

Applied economics and financial market analysis from Zempel Strategic provide the qualified outside perspective executives and boards need to make informed decisions in complex economic times.

Zempel Strategic conducts independent and objective economic and financial market research for corporate clients and major investors. Our macroeconomic forecasts and market assessments look past the headlines to the facts. Zempel Strategic translates its conclusions into clear and actionable advice on business plans and investment policies. We build personal relationships with clients based on a common desire to find the best alternatives to consensus views. Our focus is producing relevant and practical results.

Zempel Strategic penetrates the noise to ask and answer the questions that matter. Clearly. Concisely. Strategically.




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The Zempel Strategic Approach

Start with the facts. keep an open mind.

Zempel Strategic takes a direct approach to applied economics and financial market analysis. We study a client's business or investment portfolio thoroughly to find the broad economic and market forces that matter most for success. Then we focus on factors that influence short- and long-run outcomes-with equal attention to opportunities and risks. We seek client feedback and encourage spirited discussion at all points in the process. The result is an objective assessment that is understandable and actionable.

Good communication is a hallmark of Zempel Strategic. We work personally with key decision makers to understand their concerns and help them solve intricate business and investment problems. Zempel Strategic also joins forces with internal experts to help find the best answers to important questions.

Zempel Strategic is an independent source for objective economic and financial market research, forecasts and advice. We develop our recommendations free of bias or vested interests, and maintain a healthy skepticism toward abstract theories and simplified consensus views.


Even seasoned professionals face the risk that oft-repeated bad ideas will unduly influence their decisions. An objective viewpoint, anchored in the facts, is harder to find but essential.
— Clare Zempel, Zempel Strategic